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"Hang me, oh, hang me; I’ll be dead and gone…"

wouldnt mind the hanging but the laying in the grave so long poor boy, ive been all around this world

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Thanks, James Franco.



So this is a song I wrote this afternoon. I was watching a documentary about people who jumped off Golden Gate bridge (cheery, I know) and who, incredibly, survived the fall. It was pretty dark but also uplifting because they all turned their lives around. It inspired me to write this song. I haven’t jumped off any bridges but I do know what it’s like to feel like you’re on the edge, when you can’t see any rational way out of a dark place. So yeah, the programme spoke in volumes to me and I wanted to share what I wrote.

Hope you like it.

x lmn

if you do one thing tonight just listen to this song from one of my most amazing friends, so proud of this girl!

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